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Primary gastric lymphoma: a retrospective series of 35 cases

Primary gastric lymphoma: a retrospective series of 35 cases

Tunis Med. 2008 May
Ennibi K, Mikdame M, Rabhi M, Jroundi I, Benkirane A, Chaari J, Toloune F.
Service de Médecine interne A. Hôpital Militaire d'Instruction Mohammed V. Rabat. Maroc.

BACKGROUND: Primary gastric non Hodgkin's lymphoma (PGNHL) is the most common site of extranodal malignant lymphoma. It is a rare subtype of malignancy, for which no consensus exists about treatment.

AIM: The purpose of This paper was to assess the managemnt of PGNHL.

METHODS: Between January 1992 and December 2001, 35 patients were retrospectively evaluated.

RESULTS: Of the 35 patients, with a mean age of 44 years old Signs and symptoms are unspecific. 20 (57.1%) were in stage IE/IIE1. 15 patients (42.8%) were in stage IIE2,IIIE,IVE. These patients were treated with primary surgery with or without chemotherapy (11; 31.4%); primary chemotherapy (CT) alone with surgery in one patient (21; 60%) and three patients with gastric MALT lymphoma were treated by Helicobacter pylori eradication. The 5 year survival rates of the 35 patients are 62, 86%. There was no significant difference in the 5 year survival rate between the patients with low grade lymphoma and the patients with large grade lymphoma (75% versus 60%, P = 0.467). The 5-year survival rates for stage I/IIE1 and IIE2/III/IV patients were 80%, 53.3% respectively (p less then p =" 0.05).

CONCLUSIONS: This study suggested that primary surgical resection may be important factor predicting the long-term survival of patients with primary gastric NHL. H. pylori eradication therapy was an effective first-line treatment for patients with gastric MALT lymphoma.


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